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Home Security

For South Africans, securing your home has become a necessity instead of a luxury. Avoid costly insurance claims and stop intruders in their tracks.

With a large variety of options for making sure you and your family are safe, iSpy will help you decide which options work best for you.

As well as being a visual deterrent, CCTV systems afford you a discreet and reliable means of monitoring and recording all activity which might have previously gone by unnoticed.

Why CCTV? Enjoy peace of mind while away from your premises with remote viewing allowing you to keep an eye on your business and employees. Stop shoplifters and would-be thieves before an incidence can occur. Monitor who enters and leaves your shop, home or factory. The recording of all activity provides you with evidence should there be any security breach.

Electric fencing
Your first line of defence against would-be intruders.
A visible detterent and hassle free way of securing your premises.

Alarm Systems
A must for home and business owners alike, alarm systems give you the freedom to leave your property unattended and secure.

Access control
Esential in the securing of stock,personell and sensitive information.
We offer a variety of methods with which to protect your assets.
Choose from smart card, PIN or biometric driven devices.

Video intercoms
Allowing you to discreetly monitor all entrance and exit points, video intercoms are imperative in identifying potential security breaches.

Fire detection
An overlooked but essential component of protecting your home,factory or office. Every year, South Africans lose millions of rands due to loss and damage caused by fires which could easily have been prevented. Ensure this doesn't happen to you.